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  • Sunday, January 11, 2009

    Alexandra Kosteniuk : The Hottest Chess Champion Alive!


    Have you ever wondered who the latest sensation is in the chess arena? Well, its not Bobby Fischer, he had his time to shine...

    Would you believe that the world chess champion is only 24 years old? I didn't before I did some digging. Apparently this Russian woman named Alexandra Kosteniuk has taken the chess world by storm, she is young, talented and to top it off, she's a mother..

    Between chess and changing dirty diapers this woman has no time at all! She lives with her baby and husband in Miami. And get this, she is the 2008 Women's World Chess Champion!

    ''I want to open a chess academy online, keep training, doing the podcast,'' Alexandra Kosteniuk said this while taking her baby, Francesca on a walk. ``But right now, my priority is being a mommy.''

    Ok check this... Alexandra is hot, she has modeling experience and was able to leverage that into the chess arena! Really is there anything better than a hot chess champion?? If I was watching one of her games on TV I don't think I would be paying much attention to the moves if you know what I mean...

    Her list of fans is growing with over 3,000 current subscribers to her podcast that can be viewed at the following website : www.chessiscool.com

    When asked which is harder, being a mother or being a chess champion, this is what she had to say!

    ''Being a mommy is much harder than chess,'' she said. ``But playing chess has taught me how to predict and analyze the next move. I'd say that's pretty useful in chess and in life.''

    This is an amazing story isn't it? More news on Alexandra Kosteniuk to come in the following months, we are keeping an eye on this one. If we don't it might be check mate for us right? More bad jokes to come in the following months as well! Stay tuned...

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